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Letter From The Editor
by: Danny DeVito
This was a special month in Provocative Penguin history.  In a surprise coup – one which did not make the papers as many were focused on similar events unfolding in Egypt – our Dear Leader Seamus was deposed, leaving Lee-Anne Bigwood and I to fill his shoes.  We did our best on our own, but...
The Black Mold
by: Nicolas Seguin
He was twenty-three when he first noticed the black mold. It started as a tiny speck on the ceiling above his shower, no bigger than a dot on a sheet of paper from the sharp lead tip of a pencil. He didn’t think much of it then. Two weeks later, the black mold had spread...
Marc Rich & Me
by: Mark Bethune
Soon after University I moved to London, England and was lucky enough to find a job shucking oysters and serving champagne at the luxury department store Harrod’s in the posh neighborhood of Knightsbridge. One day, I enjoyed a conversation with an elderly gentleman and his gorgeous daughter.  They both had a sharp look in their...
3 Poems
by: Brooke Lynn
Untitled, Untitled, Origami Shadows
2 Poems
by: Seamus Gearin
Delayed Exit, Then The Sun Reflected
No Good Bands - Kanye
by: Matt Collins
Kanye West is the best example of everything that is wrong with celebrities because he’s the worst. And he’s the worst because he thinks he’s amazing and people believe him. But let me ask you this: would a non-moron have a baby with Kim Kardashian? Would that baby have a name that is a humourless...
Sturf To The Future
by: Cam Thompson
Seven years ago, something incredible happened to me. I’ve told this story only a handful of times and nobody ever believes me.not even my closest friends, those assholes. My story starts on the night of my 20th birthday: August 8, 2006. I was a sophomore at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York State, but was...
The Light From The Hole in the World
by: Alexander Brown
Before the laughter stopped Jeffrey Shannon had been a man of moderate fame and success. On the odd occasion he’d get noticed in the street, and on about every third night he’d have a drink bought for him in a bar. Although, such attention had grown fleeting in recent years. He’d grown old and his...