High Spirits: A Photo Essay
by: Yuli Scheidt
My job is weird. It's stuck in this ambiguous space between art and service. I take pictures of people having fun.
On Being Skilled in Consumption
by: Lee-Anne Bigwood
‘I may still be drunk.’ ‘I don’t remember getting home.’ ‘I’m sorry for doing the things I did.’ ‘You need to let me see those pictures before they go up.’ ‘Where are these bruises from?’ ‘I’m going to need a giant pile of grease.’ Most of us have uttered one or more of these the...
Freshly Hatched...
Sean and Matt's Guide to Knowing Your Whisky
by: Sean Kirby
If you drink, chances are you sometimes drink whisky. Whether it be in a rye and ginger, a shot of Jack, a Jameson on the rocks, or a glass of single malt Scotch served neat, just about everyone has a way they like to drink whisky. Despite what you will hear over and over again...
Comparing Masterpieces: Dumb and Dumber VS. War and Peace
by: Jeff Halperin
In the upper stratosphere of perfect art no two masterpieces are alike. Each bears the original imprint of its creator and demonstrates his hitherto unseen genius to the world.
Tolstoy’s War and Peace was hailed by critics as “a rollicking historical novel written for that amorphic and limp creature, ‘the general reader,’ and more specifically the young,” On the other hand, the Farrelly brothers also really knocked Dumb and Dumber out of the park.
The two classics of world culture, both based on true stories, are founded on the same philosophical view regarding history, and this is embedded into the core of both works...
No Good Bands - Tom Waits
by: Matt Collins
If I could have one wish come true, I would wish for the time I spent trying to “get” Tom Waits back. Tom Waits isn’t a musician – he’s an actor. And acting is a noble pursuit, except when the actor writes their own scenes. If Tom Waits didn’t put out CDs, he’d be on...
How to: Enjoy Drinking (Alcohol)
by: Seamus Gearin
This may seem like the least necessary guide ever created, but if there’s anything my years of Professional Drinking have taught me, it’s that whether you’re a youngin’ yet to go off on your first binge or in the midst of a mid-mid-life crisis with a home bar collection as your most prized possession and...