On Art and Beauty
by: Jeff Halperin
It is a sad age in culture where beauty requires its own defence, but there is a great quantity of appalling, incompetent art that justifies its existence on grounds of standing for an important social cause or for making a life affirming statement. I only have a problem the moment so-called artists and critics give...
Beauty et al.
by: Seamus Gearin
I’m not going to lie, I didn’t vote for the subject of Beauty when “The PP Executive” was choosing this month’s topic. Though after putting together all of our pieces, I’m glad it’s where we went. This issue is short yet sweet and all about art; in life, as life, in passion and in bed.
Freshly Hatched...
Three Faces of Jerusalem: Improvised Antiquity
by: Yuli Scheidt
The house lights are down at Koerner Hall.  Two figures appear on either side of the balcony behind and above the stage. Their Silhouette turns to spotlights and two women begin to sing what, to the untrained ear, sounds like a mix between a Gregorian chant and a call to prayer. The Three Faces of...
No Good Bands - Wings
by: Matt Collins
Imagine you went to an all-you-can-eat buffet, but the restaurant forced you to eat all of the food on a single plate. Every course. No matter how full you are. That is the best way to think of listening to a song by Wings. Paul McCartney has put all of the music, including every instrument,...
Four Charms of Winter
by: Seamus Gearin
The fiercest days of winter can easily whip, pierce and blow through one’s personal comfort zone. Yet suffering through the season is a point of pride in a country like Canada. And it should be. Having to endure the cold makes a (wo)man of you. It illuminates the fact that there are some things we...
Plenty of (Beautiful?) Fish
by: Danny DeVito
Anyone, and everyone, who has ever attempted to find love in the digital meat market can tell you: this is one bazaar where caveat emptor is the watchword du jour. You never know what you are going to get. That stunner you’ve been chatting with might actually be a love-starved convict, a tranny, your cousin, or worse…

You should take it for granted that the sexy photos on someone’s OKCupid profile were taken long ago, before gravity and years of chain smoking had time to distort her silhouette or weather his chiseled features. That said, does it really matter if that person you’ve discovered on the other end of the fiber optic cable is your perfect mate?

An optimist might argue that online dating has done more for those searching for true love than it has for those of us, myself especially, who use it as a hunting ground for depraved anonymous sex partners. By eliminating, or at the very least reducing, our reliance on purely physical metrics of attraction...