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Worth of a BA

A degree from a leading international university and what it really taught me…

The University of Toronto is consistently ranked as the leading university in Canada – purveyors of the best education that the Canadian dollar can buy ($50-$80K for a BA – depending on residence and program). Year after year…

The Future of Language

We are seeing an increasing lack of precision in our language that narrows not just the words we use in speech and writing, but the thoughts we have. Bad grammar and imprecise diction both betokens and breeds stupid thoughts. There isn’t one cause. The semi-related forces of text message and social media language, email shorthand, poop-culture, vapid but ostensibly serious TV pundits, advertising, and the moribund Western Canon all accelerate our language’s decline.

According To Plan

When we find the relics of predictions from scientists, writers, and theme park designers of yore, who tried to envision life in the future, there are plenty of laughable inaccuracies. Whether it’s a speculative article in a 1950’s newspaper, a campy ‘futuristic’ movie, or ‘The World of Tomorrow’ at Disneyland, the look ahead at our world is grandiose, ambitious, and often wrong. We haven’t colonized the moon, for instance, and the constant construction of highways suggests we’re no closer to the flying car.

No Good Bands – Kraftwerk

A good rule of thumb is, if people tell you that a band created a “sonic blueprint”, it means the band is annoying to listen to. Also annoying to listen to? Some guy at your New Year’s party telling you he’d rather be listening to Kraftwerk just when you put on Don’t You Want Me by the Human League…

Time Ain’t No River

“The trouble is that you think you have time.”


Accurately predicting the future is something we humans haven’t quite mastered yet. For example: This was supposed to be a warm winter in Canada, the world was going to end last month, and it doesn’t look like we’re getting those hoverboards or flying cars Back to the Future II predicted we’d have by 10/21/2015. Nonetheless, the future is an inspiring subject to many.

What will 2030 look like? We currently predict that it will feel warmer as the world’s major polluting nations fail to meet their own goals of carbon reduction. Or so we think. The truth is that we don’t know, nor could we. We can only possess knowledge of what we understand now and one of the few things that can be certain is that there is a lot more out there.