So, I Hear You Like to Google

“The Truth Is Out There” A seemingly benign sentiment that speaks to both the simplest of wonders and most esoteric dialogue a person can muster. In 1993, The X-Files had us believing that what was out there was aliens. Then The Matrix happened. Now, the Internet has asserted that it is instead “Inside There” and I’m inclined to believe. I mean, either the net’s just a really smooth talker or this is the real thing.

I Don’t Want to Know About Your Vagina

When do the things we share breach the boundaries of informative and plummet into the realm of too much information? Was the strange girl in the public restroom simply being informative when she exited her stall while I was washing my hands, looked at me and exclaimed ”Ugh! I have another yeast infection.”?

Were countless strangers simply spreading information when they shared the most intimate details of their lives with me, ranging from the complete despair they feel over their mother’s recent diagnosis of cancer, to the gruesome details of what the genitalia of the last person they had sex with looked like?

On Privacy: Nothing is Banal if it’s Well Written

That the internet has caused privacy to disappear is not new, nor is the fact that nobody is forced to divulge that extinct thing called “personal information.” People write their status or tweet or four square for the same reason a dog licks his own ass, and often with about the same result. But I don’t think people would be so inclined to self-advertise if we weren’t so inundated, so primed, with advertising in general. I don’t mean to overstate things, but I think these two abominations perpetuate each other and work in tandem to debauch the minds of the young.

Two things are sparkling clear. One is the extent to which both self-advertising…