So, I Hear You Like to Google

“The Truth Is Out There” A seemingly benign sentiment that speaks to both the simplest of wonders and most esoteric dialogue a person can muster. In 1993, The X-Files had us believing that what was out there was aliens. Then The Matrix happened. Now, the Internet has asserted that it is instead “Inside There” and I’m inclined to believe. I mean, either the net’s just a really smooth talker or this is the real thing.

The Augmentation of the World

I am in Tokyo, on the balcony of my 30th floor hotel room, looking down on the bustling city after dark. I am trapped beneath the black night sky, surrounded by glass skyscrapers, bright neon lights and the endless city. Two hundred and twenty miles above are astronauts aboard the International Space Station, whose night-time photos of the earth tell a similar story: From space, the earth’s surface is covered in a web work of snaking lights.