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Plenty of (Beautiful?) Fish

Anyone, and everyone, who has ever attempted to find love in the digital meat market can tell you: this is one bazaar where caveat emptor is the watchword du jour. You never know what you are going to get. That stunner you’ve been chatting with might actually be a love-starved convict, a tranny, your cousin, or worse…

You should take it for granted that the sexy photos on someone’s OKCupid profile were taken long ago, before gravity and years of chain smoking had time to distort her silhouette or weather his chiseled features. That said, does it really matter if that person you’ve discovered on the other end of the fiber optic cable is your perfect mate?

An optimist might argue that online dating has done more for those searching for true love than it has for those of us, myself especially, who use it as a hunting ground for depraved anonymous sex partners. By eliminating, or at the very least reducing, our reliance on purely physical metrics of attraction…

It’s Not What You Thought

“People’s conscious minds constantly let go of thoughts, memories, and reason, but the unconscious stores it all. From the miniscule to the imperative to the things you’d rather not say, what we aren’t thinking about on a regular basis is often more important than the lusty financial woes to which many give precedence while daydreaming.”