CategoryEditor’s Note

Beauty et al.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t vote for the subject of Beauty when “The PP Executive” was choosing this month’s topic. Though after putting together all of our pieces, I’m glad it’s where we went. This issue is short yet sweet and all about art; in life, as life, in passion and in bed.

Time Ain’t No River

“The trouble is that you think you have time.”


Accurately predicting the future is something we humans haven’t quite mastered yet. For example: This was supposed to be a warm winter in Canada, the world was going to end last month, and it doesn’t look like we’re getting those hoverboards or flying cars Back to the Future II predicted we’d have by 10/21/2015. Nonetheless, the future is an inspiring subject to many.

What will 2030 look like? We currently predict that it will feel warmer as the world’s major polluting nations fail to meet their own goals of carbon reduction. Or so we think. The truth is that we don’t know, nor could we. We can only possess knowledge of what we understand now and one of the few things that can be certain is that there is a lot more out there.