Collins Talks Comedy With Pat Thornton

Pat Thornton

Toronto comedy hero Pat Thornton is gearing up to do 24 hours of stand up for the fifth year in a row on Friday November 29, 2013 at the Comedy Bar. Why would he do that? Matt Collins went ahead and asked him.

What is Pat’s 24 Hours? How does it work? What is it for? What can we do?

Pat’s 24 Hours is a stand up set for charity. It’s not exactly a stand up set because I have people writing jokes for me, so as stand up, it’s cheating; but it’s for charity, so get off my back. It’s also the longest, weirdest comedy show you’ve ever seen. It sort of feels like Twitter live: a bunch of short jokes on various trends. I do it to raise money for The Stephen Lewis Foundation. It’s a wonderful organization that works with grassroots initiatives on the ground in Sub-Saharan Africa, helping them turn the tide of the AIDS pandemic. I initially got involved because of their A Dare To Remember campaign, a canvasser “dared” me to do something crazy for the foundation and I did 24 hours of stand up. Then I did it 3 more times and on Nov. 29th, I will do it for my fifth time.

What else have you done for 24 hours straight?

One time I thought about how hot dogs were made for 24 straight hours. I had no information, so I made it all up. It involves a wizard and several very smart crows.

Do you eat during the 24 hours or are you one of those comics who lives by the whole “stay hungry” thing?

I kind of eat… I never stop talking long enough to have a decent meal. I take some bites. You can say that I like to stay hungry, until right after when I order Swiss Chalet and then sleep for 2 days.

Can you break the 24 hours down into phases/sections?

7pm-11pm: The beginning- Exciting, energetic. Jokes start to emerge, we start to see what the trends will be (Kevin Sorbo, Rob Ford, George Lucas…everyone that sucks is sent to “live in the woods”)

11 pm- 3am: The second leg- We’re a little deeper in, people are getting punchy. Jokes are getting weirder.

3am-7am: The dead of night- People can’t believe they’re there, a lot of questioning life choices. The jokes get weirder still.

7am-11am: To me, this part seems like an absolute dream. I’m sure it happens, but I’m not really sure. I’m feeling pretty weird by this point.

11am-3pm: More people are starting to show up. This part is hard. Sobering and hard. I call this part the dark tunnel. I want to die in this part.

3pm-7pm: The home stretch. The place fills up, the excitement is high, people want to know what the last joke will be. I am so happy to stop talking at the end.

What are you going to wear? What should people wear if they show up?

I haven’t picked an outfit out yet. But if anyone wants to sponsor what I wear, let me know. For instance if Old Navy wants to donate $2000 dollars for me to wear a hoodie that says Old Navy on it, I’ll do it. If they donate $5000 I’ll take it off at some point to reveal an Old Navy t-shirt.

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