Collins Talks Comedy with Megan Myke


Your boyfriend is the nicest guy in the world, and he’s super handsome. How long do you give yourself before he “figures it out”?

He is certainly both of those things. I have asked myself that many times, but he has seen the bad side more than once and still loves me for whatever reason. Funny story- we actually met at my Hawaii bar show (he lived across the street), which means he knew exactly what he was getting into. But I also ran away from him when he tried to talk to me because I had exactly that thought “Oh, he thinks he likes me, but he’ll know better soon enough”. Then the next week I went back for Rush’s show (Laughter Luau -ed) and he came to combar (Comedy Bar, in comic-slang) with me at which point I thought to myself “Oh my god. I think he actually likes me. Well, he’ll know better soon.” then he kept stalking me at Hawaii bar and after running away again the following week, I let him take me for dinner and he hasn’t figured it out (and left) since. SO DON’T RUIN THIS FOR ME!

Why won’t audience members just shut up?

People are self-important and also lacking meaning in their lives oftentimes. Sometimes an audience member won’t shut up because they think they’re funnier or they want to be the centre of attention and are jealous that someone else is and try to ruin that experience for the person they’re currently envying and sometimes they’re just plain ignorant! So often a heckler will say “but I’m just helping! I’m being involved” which god bless them they think is true, but really really is not.

Do you ever feel like if the male comics figure out you’re not a male, something fucking terrible is going to happen?

Never. Comics just want comics to be funny and respectful. I am at least one of those things and I’m treated with respect as a result. And I’ve even worn a dress! Also, you’ve never actually seen my vagina, so who can say if it’s there?

When and where are you performing/is your show?

Every other Thursday at Stella, Friday October 11 Campfire Comedy at The LOT and October 16th is the next of my new monthly at The Wilson.

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