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dean young

What’s this podcast? When and where are you performing/is your show?

My podcast is called “Forever Young with Dean Young & Friends”, it airs on the Pod Almighty network every Thursday. And on itunes, which is basically like a Napster service that belongs to that dead guy in the Ashton Kutcher movie. My podcast is free to listen to though, because – well, come on. They say Pod Almighty is the biggest podcast network in the world, but since Canadians aren’t assholes about stuff like that and I also assume that there’s a bigger one somewhere in America, we’ll just say it’s the biggest one in Canada. But is there a BETTER one out there? Ha, no. Our network has me on it, and I’m pretty sure that Montana’s Cookhouse is going to give in and sponsor me soon (*Escape to the Cookhouse*) And it’s way better than terrestrial radio because I can say what I want. You can’t do that on radio anymore because pussies run the world and the PC train went off the tracks long ago and RAN OVER A BUNCH OF ORPHANS!

I wanted to do the Paul Provenza thing, bring listeners into the green room or a coffee shop setting and let comics be themselves. What do they think about this thing going on in the news? And what’s something happening in comedy that directly ties in with them?

And I always stand behind what I say, well most of the time, sometimes I don’t remember what I said. Except for when I said childbirth was unnatural and wrong and there has to be a better way – pretty sure that’s accurate as to how I feel.

How did you get so likeable? Does everyone just like you because you run a show?

I think it’s because no one is threatened by me. I look a lot like Justin Bieber and I’m very gullible. And I’m polite. All reasons why I haven’t been able to ask you to take your hand off my stomach and quit making LL Cool J eyes at me. I’m too worried about our friendship

What’s the worst way anyone has ever tried to get on your show?

One time a drunk guy in a leisure suit came in off the street and literally tried to grab the mic out of a comic’s hand. He literally said nothing, he just kind of had this weird ‘white Sammy Davis’ thing happening with his eye, like he was having a stroke. He had swagger though. It was a terrible show. I was dressed like the Gimp from Pulp Fiction and my mom was there. So were you. That was two TV shows ago, and one sort of “meh” live special, so I’m alright with it. That show’s like an ex girlfriend who kinda hurt you but its long enough ago you can laugh.

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