Call for submissions: Conspiracy & Political Correctness

For the first time since we went themed, PP will be doing a double issue! This extra-whammy will feature two seemingly unrelated themes packed nicely into one pretty page for your viewing and reading pleasure.

We’re calling on all writers, artists and oddballs who’d like to contribute to making something unique and engaging for the world (Toronto mostly) to enjoy.

One of said themes, Conspiracy, is sure to titillate those that wonder “what else?” when it comes to everything from Wikileaks to Area 51 to Twinkies.

The other theme, Political Correctness, may seem like an expired notion from the 1990s, but is still ever-present today. In a world as accepting yet cynical as ours, where is the line drawn? What does going too far mean any more? What are feelings?

Writing and art submissions are due by October 31st at midnight.

Please send all content, questions and ideas to

Feel free to get as creative as you like with your works, but limit written to no more than 5 pages and pictures/art to 20 pieces.

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