Collins Talks Comedy With Jordan Sowunmi


You channel a lot of guys onstage. How do you know those guys?

When I was 14, I moved to a section of Houston, Texas called Alief. I went to school with a lot of goons. I sponged a lot of slang and cadences from them without really realizing it. Now, much like my homegirl Miley, I can’t stop.

Just kidding. Miley, if you’re reading this, please stop.

You’re a really busy guy. You do a trillion things. Is that like ‘Whoa, I’m 26 and it’s craaazy” energy, or are you this crazy virgin with no friends but who managed to complete every project you ever came up with?

Sometimes I fantasize about how much easier life would be if I were a virgin with no friends. Then I slap myself because that’s fucking dumb. I used to tell my friends I was working so hard because I wanted to see if it was possible to die of natural causes by 27. Earlier this year, I think I came perilously close to finding out. So, for the last month I’ve taken a break so I can live a little slower and plot the rest of my year better. I’ve been reading a tonne, writing Twitter jokes, and power watching Friday Night Lights. I feel human again. I have a list of things I want to do in the next six months, and I’m gearing up to go HAM to make sure I get them done, one by one.

One guy in the crowd doesn’t get one of your jokes. Can you explain that joke to him here?

If you had watched every episode of the AJ & Free hosted 106 & Park and every episode of Big Tigger’s Rap City, and every episode of Everwood and Felicity, you’d be DYING.

When and where are you performing?

I’m opening for Brandon T. Jackson of Tropic Thunder and Percy Jackson fame this Saturday, at the John Bassett Theatre. Alongside my friend Adam Jackson, I host produce and host a weekly show called Dad Jokes at Bambi’s. We’re on hiatus until October. Also this October, I’m launching a monthly show with the folks from U of T’s ‘the newspaper.’ And my quarterly Sowunmi and Friends showcase will be at the Rivoli again in November. Just trying to be like my favorite rappers. You know, ‘out here.’

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Matt Collins is a musician (Ninja High School), cartoonist (Sexy), jock (Manhunt), and comedian (Matt Collins) in Toronto, Ontario. Please buy more Matt Collins. [Other Posts By Matt]