Letter From The Editor

letter from the editorThis was a special month in Provocative Penguin history.  In a surprise coup – one which did not make the papers as many were focused on similar events unfolding in Egypt – our Dear Leader Seamus was deposed, leaving Lee-Anne Bigwood and I to fill his shoes.  We did our best on our own, but like Napoleon from the island of Saint Helena, his presence was always felt.  Hot on the heels of June’s NXNE extravaganza, many in our stable of writers needed weeks to recover from their collective hangovers, leaving us short-staffed and without adequate content.  Never ones to succumb to adversity, we turned to the greater creative community for support, and support we found… in droves.  I am pleased to introduce this month’s special issue of Provocative Penguin, in which we invited writers to share their favorite creative endeavors – no guidelines, no theme… just great writing.

You will notice that this issue features a number of authors new to the Provocative Penguin community.  They came from far and wide to support our project, and for that I thank them.  Our featured article this month, A Conversation with Hemingway, came to us by way of Alexander Brown, and will remind us all why both reading and writing are so fundamental to the experience of living, feeling, and dreaming.

Sharing with us his unique experience of meeting one of the world’s most notorious (albeit little known) criminal masterminds, who earlier this month passed away, as well as a hopefully more fictional encounter with a young woman in Brooklyn, is Mark Bethune.  Mark is THE ONLY example of successful sticker marketing, having discovered Provocative Penguin when Seamus and I drunkenly stickered him in Trinity Bellwoods Park at some point during our NXNE shenanigans… err, I mean coverage.

We’ve also decided to include some poetry for those readers with a shorter attention span, but a greater propensity for thoughtful consideration.

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Danny DeVito is one of Canada's premier thinkers. He graces the pages of Provocative Penguin with his unique and rare form of genius. His keen eye for talented artists, insight into political affairs, and cunning linguistic skills pale only in comparison to his chiselled good looks. Some say he is a God. Here at Provocative Penguin, we just call him Danny. You can read Danny’s other posts on PP [here]