Wednesday’s Best Bets – NXNE 2013

NXNE 2013 is a tough year for the average music enthusiast. There are over 1,000 bands and barely any of them are recognizable. Last year’s headliners were The Flaming Lips, this year it’s The National. Not to come down on The National (though we may later), but that’s a huge leap/drop in recgonizability. However, this isn’t a bad thing. No, not all. It actually makes this year one of the most exciting in recent memory. Simply because you won’t be clamouring to see Men With Hats do their reunion show like in 2011 (it was awesome, by the way) or piling into huge lines to see Phèdre like in 2012 (DIANA/Moon King/Dan Deacon being the exception this time around). Instead, you can set off into the city and go on a true adventure, where you get to see bands you’ve never heard of, go places where you’re not sure what the crowd will be like, and generally get lost in all of the amazing and not-so-amazing things happening all around you.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to go out blind. So, below you will find the expert picks of PP’s most musically informed Penguins.

If we miss anything grand, feel free to post them in the comments just to show us how little we actually know.


YuliScheidt_DutchTokoTop picks by Penguin…

Yuli – Two Wings, Mozart’s Sister

Ama – Gentleman Reg

W.S. Rivera Electric Environment

Seamus – Samantha Martin and The Haggard, Los Oxidados

Matt Collins (Comedy) – Ben Beauchemin

Wednesday’s Schedule

Map of venues for tonight’s recommendations…

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11pmBen Beauchemin @ The Tranzac (Comedy)

Ben is probably a really funny guy.

[Read Matt Collins’ interview with him here]

10pmTwo Wings @ The Piston

Two Wings – Spooky, medieval psychedelia folk-country from Glasgow. – YS

11pmSamantha Martin and The Haggard @ Supermarket

A country rock n’ twang band from Toronna. As vaguely recalled in Danny D’s recap of NXNE 2011, they were really good! -SG


11pmMozart’s Sister @ The Rivoli

Montreal-based one-women band (Caila Thompson-Hannant formerly of Shapes & Sizes), pumping out soulful, nostalgic and chopped jammers. -YS

12amGentleman Reg @ The Rivoli

Albino, gender-bending Reg has always put on an emotionally charged show which is like being invited to your own personal listening party. It is raw, personal, real but most of all: intense. -AS

12am – The Electric Environment @ C’est What

Dance, lights, sweat and most likely people on drugs. -WS

1amLos Oxidados @ The Hideout

Chilled, Mexican Surf Rock. Like [this track] by them but generally mellower. – SG

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