Thursday’s Best Bets – NXNE 2013

Thursday is the night during NXNE when shit really picks up.


(DIANA plays the Horseshoe tonight. It’s the most recommended show of the festival. You probably won’t get in. – Photo by Yuli Sheidt)

Top picks by Penguin…

Yuli – Paula, Braids, Sean Nicholas Savage, Blue Hawaii

Ama – DIANA, Ell V Gore, Tommy Kruise

W.S. Rivera – Kiz & Legin, You Handsome Devil

Seamus – Serb Superb, Mesa Mesa, Delinquints, We Are Wolves

Matt (Comedy) – Laugh Sabbath Showcase at Comedy Bar

Thursday’s Schedule

Map of venues for tonight’s recommendations…

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8pm – Serb Superb @ The Rivoli

He’ll freestyle to audience suggestions, he’ll probably come out into the crowd, he’ll only be wearing his underwear. -SG

[Read our interview with Serb/Branko here]

9pm – Laugh Sabbath Showcase @ Comedy Bar

A bunch of funny people saying funny things. -MC

Dom Pare goes on in the Cabaret Room @ 2am – [Read our angry interview with Dom here]

9pm – Kiz & Legin @ Bovine Sex Club

Crazy-amazing experimental new age funk rock. They fucking rule. -WS

9pm – Mesa Mesa @ May Bar (876 Dundas St. West)

Avant-garde, Portishead-esque trancey rock band comprised mostly of people that used to live in my house. -SG

10pm – Paula @ Comfort Zone

Music of producer and songwriter David Carriere. Pop hooks, drum machines and synth all sounding like it’s playing on some discovered answering machine cassette tape. -YS

10pm – DIANA @ The Horseshoe

DIANA consists of lead singer Carmen Elle of Army Girl’s fame. If that hasn’t sold it enough for you, then picture Carmen’s vocals harmonize beautifully over these sensual and dreamy sounds electro sounds and add saxophone. Now we’re talking. -AS

11pm – Ell V Gore @ BLK BOX

Imagine it’s pitch black and all you can hear are a bunch of weirdos beating their instruments half to death. Well, that is what an Ell V Gore show is kind of like. Only spookier and punkier. -AS

11pm – Braids @ Comfort Zone

Montreal via Calgary art-rock. Truly captivating sounds to watch preformed live. You’ll be asking yourself how they do it all night. Member Raphaelle Standell-Preston is also the vocal half of Blue Hawaii. -YS

12am – Sean Nicolas Savage @ Comfort Zone

Canadiana-pop ballads of of hypnotic proportions. Searing vocals belt out after-party songs of blistering love and pain. –

1am – Blue Hawaii @ Comfort Zone

Tropical pop to nourish the wandering soul. Lo-fi lovers, cillwave beaches, dream pop desserts. -YS

1amDelinquints @ Bovine Sex Club

Straight punk. -SG

1am – You Handsome Devil @ Cherry Cola’s

These guys party fucking hard. -WS

1am – We Are Wolves @ Wrong Bar

Think Black Sabbath with more energy and relevant. – SG

3am – Tommy Kruise @ The Drake Hotel

Have you ever wanted to know what it was like to be really high on sizzurp and relive your hip hop/skateboard inner youth. This is exactly what a set by DJ Tommy Kruise is like, who is bringing a whole new meaning to chopped and screwed.

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