The PP Guide to NXNE Art

Monday, June 10

Johannes Zits “Looking for Guides to an Alternative”

Financial District (Bay & King)

For six days, Zits will be weaving a long string of cloth across the Financial District using material cut from the business suit he will be wearing. Go see this live performance to gain better insight into how one goes about weaving a long piece of cloth and how to artistically rip up a business suit. Better yet, go to one of his later performances and find out what he is wearing underneath his suit (warning: it may be nothing).

Starts: Monday, June 10 at 11 AM

Joannes Zits

Tuesday, June 11

Sketchbook Project – Mobile Library

The Drake Hotel Underground

A collection of various self-identified artists’ work. The collection is comprised of pieces from sketchbooks submitted by people from across the world. Go visit the Sketchbook Project to see whether other normies are better/worse than you at being artistic.

Starts: Tuesday, June 11 at 7 PM

Wednesday, June 12

EQUALATERAL “For a Good Time Call…”

Participating NXNE Music Venues

In an attempt to blur the line between artist and audience, NXNE attendees can record their experiences about the performances they’re attending and have said message posted online. According to the Equalateral website, this project will be hosted in the washrooms of all participating NXNE music venues. So make sure to use a washroom at some point during the festival and give the brick walls and city foliage a break.

Starts: Wednesday, June 12 at 6 PM

Thursday, June 13


“Smile Stealers”

The Gladstone Hotel Ballroom

“Smile Stealers” is a short-film about a girl warrior who saves the world from eternal despair. The film is a poem presented using surreal visual stimulation. “Smile Stealers” combines live action and animation, with an original sound track by The Winks. According to the film’s description, the main character saves and subsequently befriends a unicorn. Who can resist a film that has a unicorn? In no way does the film’s description say/imply/hint that the unicorn is an important character at all.

Starts: Thursday, June 13 at 7 PM

Kyle Duffield “Trace”

#Hashtag Gallery

Duffield’s interactive installation allows festival-goers to birth their own artistic compositions using hand gestures. From what I gather, users face a lens and control both light and sound by moving their hands. If manipulating your world with “Trace” doesn’t interest you, pull out your camera phones and film your friends looking silly.

Starts: Thursday, June 13 at 9 PM

Friday, June 14

Darren Copeland “Underwater Soundwalk”

Meet at Trinity Court entrance next to Joey’s restaurant on Dundas St.

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly wondering what life would be like if you lived as a starfish or sea cucumber. Alas, “Underwater Soundtrack” gives the land-inflicted a glimpse of the underwater lifestyle. Participants are led through Trinity Square Park, which will be animated with high-frequency beams that emit underwater sounds (think: clicking sounds from fish). As you move through the park, these sound beams give the auditory illusion that sea creatures are moving around you. People who don’t know how to swim are also welcome to attend.

Starts: Friday, June 14 at 7 PM

DorianDorian Batycka “Brain Damage”

Neubacher Shor Gallery

Batycka combines music and the human brain in his interactive piece entitled “Brain Damage”. See Danny DeVito’s in-depth interview with Dorian Batycka here.

Starts: Friday June 14 at 7 PM

Kristen Vermilyea “The Weight of Breasts”

Creatures Creating

There is very little information about this installation/performance/project. But… boobs?

Starts: Friday, June 14 at 7 PM

Saturday, June 15th

Art Fair

Ryerson Quad

Experience paintings, drawings, sketches, and many other expressions of art from a slew of amazing artists all weekend at the Art Fair! Check out Dara Gold, Stephanie Avery, Mike McDonnell, and the many other talented people exhibiting their pieces.

Starts: Saturday, June 15th – 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Ends: Sunday, June 16th – 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Bertha Lee and Akash Bansal “It’s Been Filed”

#Hashtag Gallery

Go witness two people working. That’s right. Watch Lee and Bansal work from 9-5 this weekend for their installation piece called “It’s Been Filed”. I’ve always wondered what an artist that works looks like. I predict a lot of smoke breaks.

Starts: Saturday, June 15 at 9 AM

“The Nakedme Show”

501 Queen Streetcar

Everyone knows that a good festival often includes a little bit of naughty bits. Get your fix at “The Nakedme Show” that, as far as I can tell, is simply two people dancing in their birthday suits to music by DJs Brendan B and Tom Z. Whether or not they encourage audience participation is still unclear, but I intend on finding out. See the station and times here.

Starts: Saturday, June 15 at 8 PM

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