NXNE 2013 Decends Upon Toronto

PengNXNE2The 19th North By Northeast Festival is about to scorch through Toronto’s streets like a bat outta hell. It will ignite practically every venue in the city with an endless stream of concerts, pushing 34 of our trendiest bars to keep the party going into the wee hours of the morn’, and speckling more art, comedy and film around town than we already have (a lot in case you’re new). If you have the ability, don’t sleep for the next week.

There’s so much to do that I won’t waste anymore of your time reading my exuberant thoughts on it. This month’s issue, dedicated to NXNE 2013, is rife with interviews, guides & maps (more coming Wednesday), daily updates and will feature an updated front page with new content every day of the festival!

Before I let you go, I just have one piece of advice I’d like to pass on from a lesson learned after last year’s festivities: Drink water. Lots of it.


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