Collins Talks Comedy With Todd Graham

Todd Graham

Your persona onstage is calm and collected. Have you ever thought of switching gears and becoming a high-energy guy?

Well, it was the reverse. Now my gears are shot.

Have you ever thought about just doing Tom Hanks’ meltdown monologue from the 1988 film Punchline? Or do you see yourself more in Sally Field’s character?

Probably I’m more like Wilson, the volleyball.

Provocative Penguin readers, who are definitely going to come see you, need a way to tell people who aren’t savvy enough to read this website what you’re all about. What should they say?

Warning: Todd Graham May Digress.

Todd Graham is not a toy.

Todd Graham does not adhere to the rule of three.

Todd Graham believes that no one will read the middle part of his biography.

Todd Graham refuses to eat raisins in a savory dish.

Please Enjoy Todd Graham Responsibly.

When and where are you performing?

Saturday Night @ The LOT June 15th 10:40pm presented by Comedy Records.

I also have my film Good Grief! Krebsjunge! (Good Grief! Cancer Boy!) playing in the Laugh Sabbath Film Screening June 16th @ The Rivoli which is part of this year’s NXNE Film Fest.


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