Collins Talks Comedy With Steph Tolev

Steph TolevI once saw you act out jogging on a 2 foot by 2 foot stage. Did you hope you’d fall? I ask because you’re more physical doing standup than I am. What’s that like?

I was hoping not to fall really, although someone getting hurt is way funnier than my act. It doesn’t really matter what the size of the stage is I will still be physical I cant really help it. As soon as I start I get a weird nervous energy and my physicality just comes out. Always has and I hope always will. Only problem is I sweat and can never wear sleeves on stage.

You’ve got a really great voice for comedy. Do you find people respond better when you’re sick and it gets really hoarse? Is that what the greats sound like? People with throat illness?

I think people constantly think I am sick anyways so when I actually am no one seems to notice. I often think people listen to me more. It’s a demanding voice that gets peoples attention quickly. Maybe it reminds them of a dad yelling at them and its an automatic response just to listen. If you want to make it big you have damage your vocal cords, its a rule of comedy.

Your dream audience member is, I GUARANTEE, reading this right now because literally everyone reads PP (like Vice back in 1999). Here’s your chance to call them out by name and make sure they show up.

I would say Lance Gapp, a buddy of mine who I used to work with, his laugh is very loud and very specific and makes me feel pretty darn good when I hear it. Also his name is the best, who else knows a Lance Gapp?

When and where are you, Stephanie Tolev, performing?

I, Stephanie Lynn Tolev, will be performing at the Lower Ossington Theatre on Friday June 14th at 8pm. I also believe I am headlining.

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