Collins Talks Comedy With Nick Flanagan

Nick Flanagan

Your album, I’m Here All Weak, is an all-time classic. Does that make you more or less nervous when you perform?

I appreciate you complimenting my album! I’ve never thought of it at all as an all-time classic. But if you say so I won’t stop you. Somebody might though. The fact that I have an album doesn’t make me nervous but the fact I so rarely bring copies of the LP to sell makes me irritated. I think I want to record another album soon. Working title: “Do You Know What? I’m Mean”.

There’s a Charles Peterson quote about Mudhoney where he says, “They’re not stupid, but they’re a little bit dumb.” I’d say that about your jokes, it’s why I like them so much. Do you think because we were teenagers when Mudhoney were big that had an effect on our impressionable psyches?

I guess I always liked jokes that were a little on the dumb side. Or simple but maybe also a bit smart. Or the kind of joke that cancels itself out. And yeah…I do believe that the bands and comedians of my youth probably affected my sense of humour. I liked Ween, and The Dwarves, and Mudhoney and I don’t know…Gwar and Green Jello? So that kind of ridiculousness, bluntness and filth must have seeped in.

Also, I never listened to Ben Folds Five. So that style of humour is not part of ye olde psyche.

What band t-shirt should Provocative Penguin readers wear en masse to your NXNE performance?

I would love it if everybody wore a shirt that says “Charlie Don’t Surf” with an image of Charlie Chaplin next to a modem, shrugging.

Nick is performing with Laugh Sabbath at the Comedy Bar Mainspace on Thursday, June 13th @ 11PM and Saturday, June 15th at the Comedy Records showcase at THE LOT 1030pm.

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