Collins Talks Comedy With Evan Desmarais

Evan Desmarais

I would describe your style as “nervous about everything”. What would it take for you to calm down?

Nervous about everything, eh… What do you mean by that? Is that a bad thing? Do you think it affects my jokes? I should change. Should I change? Oh man. Calm down? I don’t know. I’m usually more relaxed if I have sex before I go on stage. Less to prove, I guess.

Which words do you use the most?

“Ummm” and “ahhh”, and “my dick” (multiple variations of that).

Don’t use any of those words to tell people why they should skip a crummy band to come see you, but right now, tell people why they should skip a crummy band to see you.

Come see my show because you can gain a friend though this. I’ll come over to your parents house for dinner and tell them how big of a success in life you are. Also, if you come to Strip Comedy, you can see how big my jokes have gotten since last years Strip Comedy.

Even is performing Creature Creating Friday, Jun 14 @ 11pm then Comedy Bar @ 2am for Strip Comedy.


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