Collins Talks Comedy With Ben Beauchemin

Ben BeaucheminYou work really close to where I live, but I never visit. How personally do you take it every day that I don’t come in and say hi?

I don’t mind that you don’t come in everyday, but it is a little insulting how you have yet to show up even once and say hi.

What if Henry Rollins shows up? Do you try him for crowdwork?

Nah, I only got ten minutes and it seems like he likes to talk. Also, pointing out a celebrity in the audience might make distract people from listening to that hilarious story about my leg hair.

Provocative Penguin readers from across Canada are going to show up to see you. That’s the kind of influence we have. What are they going to be telling their office buddies when they go back to work?

One time a guy sent me an angry Facebook message because he repeated one of my lines at work and got fired. I’m not a dirty comic or anything, but the line was “I have a sick penis”. So maybe they’ll be saying that.

Ben performs The Tranzac Wednesday, June 12th @ 9:20pm

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Matt Collins is a musician (Ninja High School), cartoonist (Sexy), jock (Manhunt), and comedian (Matt Collins) in Toronto, Ontario. Please buy more Matt Collins. [Other Posts By Matt]