Collins Talks Comedy With Amanda Day

Amanda DayI think women are way better than men at telling gross jokes, but I also think making that kind of gender distinction is probably idiotic. Your jokes can get pretty gross- is there anything to either of my pet theories?

First of all, you crazy. I’m not sure if gross jokes from women are any more effective than from men. In my own act, however, I’ve noticed my grossness is more personally relatable and not done as a shock tactic — really just weird stuff that has happened to me.

Sorry I made it all about gender there. Have you ever loved a joke so much that you didn’t care if the audience “got it”?

Yeah, stop feeding into the coming gender war. I think I’ve maybe tried out a joke longer than I should have if I really enjoyed it, but reaction is everything. If you keep trying a joke and it’s failing, you have to either rewrite the joke or drop it.

Who is your dream audience? Maybe putting it on the internet can make it happen.

Super-hot people who think I’m great.

When and where are you performing?

I’m performing Saturday, June 15 at the Dark Show at Comedy Bar. I think I’m on at 2:30am? It should be interesting!

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