Collins Talks Comedy With Ali Hassan

Ali Hassan

We’re both dads. Jokes about kids are basically a golden ticket to the Tonight Show. Why is exploiting children for jokes so hilarious?

Because they can be assholes without even knowing it. ‘I met a super mean person and they treated me like garbage and didn’t even recognize what they were doing. Oh…and they were 2 years old. And they were my offspring’. I think that fascinates audiences without kids and resonates with people WITH kids. As long as you don’t go into “My kid is so super amazing” territory. Everyone hates that idiot.

You don’t just do dad jokes, but do you think responsibility makes the rest of life funnier?

I had no kids 3 years ago… and now I have THREE kids… so my “responsibility” also comes with a certain level of bewilderment and incompetence. 2 step-daughters and now a son. So there may also be an “Oh…if this guy can be a dad…maybe I can too” at work. I have definitely started to take my comedy more seriously in that I carefully monitor what I film and post. My daughters are on youtube constantly. I don’t want to ever be in my bedroom and hear my kids say ‘Mama…what does salad tossing mean? Papa just said it on Youtube’.

If all of the 40,000 Provocative Penguin readers who live in Toronto (we did a study) show up to your show, is there anything you’d like them to do?

If 40,000 people were cheering for an “Ali Hassan”….this city would be crippled by a whole new level of fear. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it! Here’s the plan readers: you show up downtown…and quietly walk over to the ACC. Then you occupy…or…let’s just say “take your seats” for a great comedy show there! That would mean Dane Cook, Russell Peters and Ali Hassan would be the 3 comics to pack in that arena in Toronto. Its a little ahead of schedule for me…but I’ll take it and I’ll cherish it! THANKS PP.

Ali performs at THE LOT Comedy Club (100 Ossington) on Friday, June 14th @ 11pm

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