CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The Summer of Creativity

Since PP first re-launched in December we’ve been playing around with a variety of themes to see what our esteemed authors can conjure up. This summer, we’re taking it a step farther and trying out something a little different. We hope the themes we’ve picked for July and August will breed the best examples of “Unrefined Good Taste” from anyone with a talent for word-play and story-telling.

July (Submissions Closed – Issue out on Wednesday July 17)

“The Art of Creative Writing” – For the first time, we will be accepting submissions from all genres and styles of writing. This can include anything from fiction to poetry to non-fiction, and pieces simply discussing the art of writing.

Deadline for submissions: Sunday July 7th, 2013


“Living Creative” – Perhaps one of the most difficult feats to pull off in modern times and a in city as rich with culture as Toronto is sustaining ones self on the art or creativity we have a passion for. Beyond the sheer volume of competitors in the “market place”, there are various technological and socio-economic factors making it difficult for many talented individuals to find their footing simply working at what they love. What’s your story?

Deadline for submissions: Friday August 7th, 2013 (***Extended***)

Please e-mail with your submission or any questions. All e-mails will be responded to whether your piece is picked for one of the themes or not.

Let the Summer of Creativity begin!


 (Pic by Yuli Scheidt)

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