Branko Scekic on Sobriety, Social Media and Nudity

Branko Scekic, probably best known as the bassist in Dinosaur Bones, is anything but ordinary. While DB isn’t on the road, he’s out every night, throws at least 2 parties per week, and provides endless entertainment as his alter-ego, Serb Superb, who freestyles to sometimes-unsuspecting crowds sporting nothing but a tight pair of briefs. Clearly, Branko is a social guy.

Branko - Touch MeHow many Facebook friends do you have?

“Ah, I think it’s about 3,500 at this point.”

While he admits that he’s not entirely sure who everyone is, it’s really just part and parcel to partying as much as he does. Even though Branko didn’t really care for Facebook when it came around, a friend of his said “needed to join” and went ahead and made him a profile.

“With MySpace you just kind of added everyone, bands or whatever. When I got Facebook I decided to be a bit more regimented with it. Just have people I know, keep it simple. Then slowly over the years that kind of snowballed out of control.”

As a result of his outgoing nature, Branko gets offered to host a lot of events, and he rarely says no. His attitude is “The more open you are, the more doors will open for you.” He performs (as Serb) and MCs at everything from charity events to more recently a burlesque show, and always has something positive to say about it.

“I get to be part of a really cool show, like stuff I don’t ordinarily get to do, and just hang out with beautiful women all night long.”

Do you make enough, while partying, to sustain yourself?

“Yeah. I’m fortunate that my expenses aren’t very high and I don’t have very many expensive habits. My rent is fairly cheap, I shop at Value Village, and… I quit drinking. It’s been about 17 months at this point. So, that saved me boatloads of money. “

I bet!

“Now it’s cool cause I use that money to go on trips or buy guitars or whatever it is; things that are actually there the next day.”

While people can get irritatingly loud sometimes, SS says that he’s having as much fun sober as he did not. He thinks that drinking is awesome and people should do what makes them happy. He just doesn’t happen to need it right now. As he reveals, it is partially due to the fact that he never was a casual drinker.

“I’d try to drink casually, but after one or two on the patio it became ‘Alright, we’re having a night!’ Then we’re buying the whole bar shots… I’m just that kind of person.”

Other than saving money, there are other advantages to Branko’s partying life sans booze…

“The bar has kind of become my gym. I’ll go dance for 2 or 3 or 4 hours and I’m just drinking water. It [used to be] a place where I’d spend all my money, and half the night at the bar waiting for a drink, then wake up hungover. Also, I was never a huge water guy, but now I’m having 5 or 6 glasses a night.”

How did Serb superb come to be?

Serb Superb, Branko’s solo act started as freestyling with friends at parties. He didn’t hang out with a hip-hop crowd and honestly didn’t think he was any good until, while playing with another band, he started doing it to fill time when someone’s guitar string broke and people noticed. Eventually he performed solo at the Silver Dollar when his friend was looking for an act to play a charity event. While he planned to write some songs and maybe do a little freestyle, procrastination kicked in and he showed up with nothing prepared but a few chord progressions.

“I just asked the crowd for suggestions of what to rap about, they yelled stuff out, and I was like ’okay’”

More charity shows resulted from the gig and as a true philanthropist-performer should, Branko came up with an idea…

“Because it was for charity I would, you know, say that for every $5 I will take off an article of clothing. So, if I ended a set, I usually ended in my underwear and depending on how much clothing I had on, we’d raise a bunch of money.”

Although a skinny-rapping-Serb in his underwear is not for everyone, those who aren’t uncomfortable are guaranteed to have a great time at a Serb Superb show.

Branko performed The Rivoli as Serb Superb on Thursday June 13th 2013 @ 8pm, then again with Dinosaur Bones at The Danforth Music Hall on Saturday June 15th 2013 @ 10pm.

If you didn’t make it but want to talk to Branko yourself, you can probably just add him to Facebook.

(All photos by W.S. Rivera from Provocative Penguin Party! 2011)

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