Rob Ford Smoking Crack Isn’t The Issue

It took the Mayor smoking crack for the geniuses at the Toronto Star to realize that Toronto has a Somali community, project housing and an epidemic of drug addiction and poverty. How come the phoney-lefty investigators on the Star’s payroll never thought to get off their asses and go to the projects to actually report what is going on in our city, instead of camping outside the mayors house in the bushes like a bunch of pathetic, voyeur perverts selling wolf tickets to every fucking non-event they consider an impeachable offence.

This is pretty sad. Elements of the legitimate, mainstream press are collaborating with Somali drug dealers and an American based website to extort $200,000 from the public in order to coerce a sitting Mayor’s resignation? What the fuck? That’s the real scandal.

I knew Rob had a drug problem the first time I laid eyes on him. I do this for a living. I know a fucking crack head when I see one….and it’s the best part of him. The Star on the other hand has forfeited whatever lingering remnants of credibility they once possessed as a “news organization” by engaging in prolonged, pathetic vendetta against the Ford administration. After all, what sort of journalists upload phone videos sent in by civilians showing the Mayor sneaking into a KFC? That wouldn’t even pass the Provocative Penguin standard for content and my editor once published an article by me, giving a eulogy for Andrew Breitbart.

I learned everything there was to know about this story in 90 seconds. There are literally only 4 or 5 facts to know, yet the Star has published over 60 articles on the scandal. That’s not a bullshit number, I actually stopped counting when I hit 60.


(Photo credit: Chris Young/CP)

I once watched a panel discussion in which three Star reporters responded to questions from the audience about City Hall and reporting. The entire hour was spent laughing and mocking Ford, while the reporters offered lame justifications for their ad-hominem attacks. They also attacked Sun News and Talk-Radio for being hyper-partisan hack journalists with absolutely no appreciation for the irony or self-awareness of their own credentials.

Still one can’t help but wonder…

There is a lot of speculation that Ford’s silence could be explained by his frantic attempt to raise enough cash to buy the video himself. The logic behind this speculative theory is that he did not want to categorically deny the charges until he knew he had destroyed the only copy of the tape. It makes sense, sort of.

The individuals who made the tape are obviously financially motivated and shopped around their product to other bidders. The Star offered 40,000 dollars and were rejected. Now Gawker has offered six figures. The tape was not exposed and bartered in an integration room for leniency on some charge and if these Somali drug dealers, feared some sort of retribution “for knowing too much” their insurance against retaliation would be to go public with the tape, unconditionally. The truth is we may never know the truth.

All this bullshit aside, the issue here isn’t Ford. The issue is that half the city voted for him and if there was another election next week, crack scandal aside, he would probably get re-elected.

The dichotomy between suburban and urban voters is real; it is one of the many contradictions of our megacity. The inability for our political representatives to establish some form of consensus amongst the cities divergent constituencies is a real problem in terms of establishing and delivering good governance. There is a role here for the media to play; one that involves attempting to understand and explain the political realities which allowed Ford to come to power and helping bring our city together. Instead they resort to the cheapest form of low brow, gutter-snipe politics, peddling religion to the converted and sacrificing credibility for laughs.

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