Provocative Penguin: Reborn!

One week from today (Wednesday) Provocative Penguin will be shedding the “early bird” from our title and relaunching as a full-on flightless bird. The new iteration of our site will be a themed-monthly sporting a spiffy new face. The first Wednesday of each month will mark the release of a new issue with fresh, vetted content and new featured artists. Our first theme? Failure. This will be followed in January by The Future: Do we think there will be Back To The Future-style hover boards and upside-down Pepsi cans? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Your favourite serials, No Good News and Central & Remote will still be happening throughout the month; and the occasional Dirty Words and Viral Video Viaduct will surely be gracing your feeds.

We feel that this relaunch will be a great aid in accomplishing what we set out to do over a year ago: provide truly independent thought and alternative culture while bettering our readers and ourselves as we go. Of course, this will all be presented with our patented brand of “Unrefined Good Taste!”

Visit our about page if you want to get in touch and see you all next week!

(Illustration by Malcolm Jamison)

About pengoo

Pengoo is the mascot and admin of this site. Although his/her/its views do not necessarily reflect those of Provocative Penguin or its affiliates, they probably do.