Central & Remote: November 29th – December 2nd

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Holy shit Toronto!  We really did it! Our collective sorrow and sadness and general malaise was pissing off the balance of the universe enough that we MADE the Argos win and Rob Ford get fired! We deserve many opportunities to celebrate! Here they are:


Holy sweet mother of mo, how many of you are feeling as conflicted as I am about the end of Movember? Moustaches are both the greatest and worst thing of all time. Some guys can pull them off in a hilarious, I-can’t-take-you-seriously-but-you-still-are-sort-of-cute (or manly) kind of way, while some of them look like small boys playing dress up, but regardless… there’s SO MANY of them! Everywhere! Financial firms! Cafes! Bars! Kitchens! Walking down the street! So many ladies, especially those in relationships, are just counting down the days, hours, minutes, until their previously clean-shaven, or fully-bearded beaus will take those things off their face, and count up the money they raised.

I hope, for the love of all the tickled lips and frightened children, that the point of all this facial hair was actually taken – the cause – some bros got their prostates poked and maybe even made an appointment for a session with a therapist.  SO, when all this is over, let’s keep the stigma down and the conversation going, hmmm? Until then, keep the money flowing towards those who are bravely making themselves look slightly (very) ridiculous, in the name of men’s health.

Tonight there’s Mo’s Stache Bash – Yasgur’s Farm & Gillian Nicola – At Stone’s Place. It’s $20 at the door, which includes a complimentary drink, “swag bag” and an evening jam-packed with great music and friends for a wonderful cause.

Also on Thursday…





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