Central & Remote: November 23rd-25th

Your best weekly round up of weird/fun/cool things to do in T.O…

Before we get started, who’s already sick of all this Christmas stuff? I have left many stores in a huff because they started playing jolly jingles. Guys, it’s not even December yet. I think the only thing we should be excited about is the fact that THIS beer is out in the LCBO:

I digress. Now is the season for being full of spirits, to try to pickle away the ridiculous virus that has captured most of us. If it hasn’t gotten you yet, you’re made of titanium or something.


It’s Friday! It’s BLACK Friday. This will involve all kinds of insanity. We Canadians think we’re better than it (or do we?), but all the stores seem to be making puns and offering deals. Regardless of how you choose to stay above or below your debt line, there are a few things to keep you busy today… like the Dunwoody Police Department tweetathon. They’ve been at it since 6am, and they’re going for 24 hours.  Check out  #dpdcalls, and/or follow @DunwoodyPolice, as they’ve promised to tweet all the Black Friday ridiculousness that comes up.  As of the time of the post… nothing note-worthy… I hope that town goes a little wild, or that town will have built up a lot of hype all for not!

Meditate away the crazy – what? Yes. Go to the Eaton Centre at 6pm, sit down in a flash-mob mass of like-minded people, and be still for 30 minutes. Completely still. This will be amidst all the scurrying and saving happening around you, but you, YOU, will be above all that.  Well, below more accurately; but we’re not talking hierarchies here. Anyway, there will probably be some media there, so get your photo taken before you go out and get drunk:



  • In case you missed last weekend’s real parade, there is another Santa Claus Parade on Kingston road.
  • Toronto ComiCon  at the Royal York.
  • OH right… there’s also that football game everyone’s been talking about. Go drink beer and be happy about it! Let’s get excited about our city participating in athletics successfully! WE WIN!


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