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The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine

Before we get started, a full disclosure: The author has been going through a breakup.

We’ve all been there. It’s a tragic, difficult, saddening, frustrating, and usually infuriating process.  A chapter in a relationship… I guess the final-ish chapter in a relationship… that not only brings up all the old demons, but unleashes new ones that we never even realized were there.  Without delving too deep into an autobiographical and journalistic nightmare of social-media-breakup proportions, let’s just say that they reveal anger that was bubbling inside of us and in ways that we can all relate to, now matter how recent or far in the past our most recent split was.
In the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Robert Morgan, Martha Ross & Leah Cherniak’s play The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine, we see how a blissful beginning can quickly and comically transform into the woeful waning of a love- and lust-filled relationship, full of anger and void of patience or understanding.  Of course, please realize that this was all viewed through the eyes of someone who’s currently experiencing a break up, so I found it more heartbreaking than I think most would, but I think that depends on where you’re at in your own emotional state.
Regardless of my bias, Jennifer De Lucia and Daniel Stolfi brilliantly perform an incredibly intimate and hilarious (and LOUD! be warned!) rendition of a play that I would recommend to anyone who’s in, or has been in, or who’s never wanted to be in a relationship.  There are SO many (well-deserved) rave reviews of their show out right now.  It was directed by Robert Morgan, the original star of the play, and you’ll really be sorry if you miss it. So check out their run at Unit 102 Theatre at Queen and Dufferin  before it’s over on the 24th of November.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday (also at 2), and Sunday 8pm

Play Runs until November 24th – $25 CASH at the door, or $20 here

image captured from one of said rave reviews… NNNN

Also Happening Thursday…




  • GO SKATING OUTSIDE AT HARBOURFRONT CENTRE!!! Eeeeee, if you can handle the top 40 music, and the sickeningly sweet teens holding hands and wearing terribly droopy sweatpants while they out-skate everyone around them, and you have your own skates, this is a free activity. If you don`t have skates, bring $7 and a piece of id, and you`ve got WAY better and cuter exercise than you could ever experience at the gym. PLUS, your cheeks will be flush with the cold winds and the glorious blushing that comes from not REALLY knowing what you`re doing in the great Canadian sport-passtime.
  • 101 Markets at 3030 Dundas – Popup Shop but better…
  • Santa Claus Parade – I’ll be there with my nephousin, likely smelling of peppermint schnapps.


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