Central & Remote: October 25th-28th

Urmegushhhh!  It’s the weekend before Halloween! You know what that means? The same as any other weekend… this city is full of loonies, and BLESS US.  So here’s your weekly round up of weird/fun/cool things to do in T.O.

So, there are three camps of people around this time of year. There are those who are REALLY excited about Halloween, who start planning costumes at least 2 months in advance, scoping out the most visually appealing possible ensemble that is also either sexy, witty, hilarious, or offensive. Then there are those who couldn’t be bothered until the last minute and still pull together something that is either sexy, witty, hilarious, or just plain creepy:

Then there are those who hole away in their bubbles, trying desperately to avoid any and all spooky activities.

I want to give huge props to those of you who are putting in the effort, and you probably already have your ‘Halloween’ plans, so this week is dedicated to the things that aren’t Halloweeny… for those of you (us) who maybe just can’t be arsed this year.

This week more than most, Thursday is your whole weekend. Call in sick/late on Friday, or just power through it and know that you’re a hero!

Thursday, October 25th

Friday, October 26th

Saturday, October 27th

  • Made by Hand Show – It’s in Mississauga, but it’s only  $2. Daytime handcrafted fun.
  • Impossible Words with Hiromi Goto – Impossible Words is a Saturday afternoon literary salon featuring culturally and stylistically diverse Canadian authors. They encourage people to come and participate, especially those who do not usually go to literary events.Wallace and Emerson. Free
  • Withrow Park Farmer’s Market – Danforth & Logan – 9am-1pm – Last of the season!
  • 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art – Click through for the whole schedule, there are many that you can fit into your weekend (from Thursday to Sunday), some with very colourful names. Venues are Toronto Free Gallery, Mercer Union, and the park at OCAD.
  • Toronto Poetry Slam – Drake Underground – 7-11pm $5
  • Night time = Go to any of the thousands of Halloween events that all the people have been telling you about forever. OR, just stay home and read back issues (articles) of Provocative Penguin articles. Spooooooky!
nope. won’t dress up. don’t make me.
Sunday, October 28th


Lee-Anne, who still hasn’t decided on a costume or if she even needs one, is filling in for Yuli,

the fab founder of Central & Remote while she takes a break to pursue other awesome things.

If you want, you can also check out Lee-Anne’s [blog] + [twitter]

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