Central & Remote: October 18th-21st

Alright, who else has a case of the S.A.D.’s? Screw this weather and the fact that we’re all feeling a little on the brink of tears and massive demise almost every damn day. And those of you who aren’t?  WELL WHY AREN’T YOU INVITING THE REST OF US TO ALL OF THE THINGS?!?!?!?

Oh, because you want us to do that for you? Well, fine. It’s a shorty list this week, but here’s your weekly round up of weird/fun/cool things to do in T.O.

Thursday, October 18th

  • 4X: A Story of Microcosms at Made Design – A design exhibition which showcases 5 theoretical insects whose genetically engineered traits allow them to help solve specific problems in the natural world. Free
  • Paint Breaker – The founders of Art Battle and Cage Matches now bring you live painting of ALL the surfaces in one space PLUS break dancing.  Whoa. PWYC
  • French Fashion Show & Burlesque at Buddies – Also, art and handicrafts.
  • Bard From The Club – Live 7 piece reggae band at The Central. $5  Plus I’m the door girl, so maybe you can come shine some vitamin D onto my S.A.D. face.  Or we could get drunk together. That also works.
Friday, October 19th
Go ahead, tell me I’m crazy. I know YOU are but what am I? Know what makes EVERYONE feel better? PeeWee Herman. The Bike Pirates are hosting a Movie night… double bill, starting with PeeWee’s Big Adventure at 8pm. THEN, when you’re feeling better again, you can go back to wiping snotty tears away on your faded, too-tight hoodie when you cry your way through your childhood memories with ET at 10pm.   It seems it might be a good idea to bring your own lawn chair, but maybe give them a holler before hand to see if that’s necessary.  PWYC
Also happening Friday…
  • WSF All Girls Snowboard Film Festival – at the Bait Shop – $5, CHEAP drinks. This was a bit of an amazing calamity last year.
  • Hooded Fang Peace Out Party w/ Blonde Elvis and Brews Willis – at Soy Bomb on Bathurst – $10 (Includes free Daps Records CD or Vinyl)
  •  July Talk Record Release show w/ Meanwood, Stella Ella Ola and Michael Rault at the Horseshoe – $10
  • The National Women’s Show – Convention Centre – Will they incorporate binders? You have the whole weekend to find out. “Shop ‘til you drop at over 450 exhibits.”  Sounds exhausting, but if that’s your bag, maybe you’ll love it. *Warning* the link for this event has background music. My eyebrow is lifted.

Saturday, October 20th

Sunday, October 21st

  •  Soupstock @ Woodbine Park  – Bring your own bowl and spoon and eat delicious soup made by 200 of Canada’s top chefs, as an act of delicious activism against the Mega-Quarry. 11am – 4pm. Tickets (3 servings for $10) available online.
  • Super Mellow Beach Cruise – Longboarding session in the East Beaches. 1pm-330pm for riders of ALL abilities.
  • Kimchi and Pickle Making Workshop – registration required
  • What We Talk About – Nemeses @ The Drake Underground – A surprise roster of intriguing minds to lecture on a specific topic (this week The Professional Smile / Brian de Palma / When fake bands become real bands)  + an audience Q&A. $5


Lee-Anne, who’s apparently quite cranky this week, is filling in for Yuli,

the fab founder of Central & Remote while she takes a break to pursue other awesome things.

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