Central & Remote: October 11th-14th

It’s that time of year where we all kind of want to stay home and eat whole trays of roasted root vegetables, and there is NO SHAME IN THAT, ok? But, on the off chance that you DO get off your arse and out into our incredibly colourful-right-now city, then here’s your weekly roundup of the best/weirdest things to do this weekend in Toronto…

First off, did you know that it is Indie Week (as in indie music)? That means 4am last call at some places, but it’s not known by everyone, so you can just party too late by accident! I tried to figure out the schedule on their website and was sorely unsuccessful.  Basically, go to Cameron House, Free Times Cafe, Hide Out, Rivoli, Horseshoe, and other such places over the weekend, with a tenner in your hand and try to see if someone can help you out in person. I sent them an email to ask for help, so will update this [LINK] to their schedule when I hear back, or you can try to navigate their website if that’s your bag!

Thursday, October 11th

A new addition to C & R – Thursday activities. Why? Because it’s the day after hump day and we can all use some more activities.

Friday, October 12th

The first listing for tonight came to me in my email inbox because I put my email down on a piece of PAPER at an art fair in Trinity Bellwoods Park in September. I wrote it down with a PEN. My passive-aggressive message here is that sometimes it’s nice to find out about things via posters and pamphlets and flyers and word of mouth instead of through notifications on our social media platforms.  One of the best ways to do that is to put your name on email distribution lists.  Artists are the best for this because they’re usually too insular and busy CREATING to bombard you with ‘pay-attention-to-me’ type updates about their shows and events, and only send you invitations to interesting happenings that are actually worth your time.  Andrew Horne did just that.  He’s got a night planned at 3030 Dundas West, where he’s invited his admirers to join him for “a drink and snack from around 730pm. Check out the art and stay for some great music from the Greg Ball Band at 930, followed by the funk soul sounds from DJ OH16” (who literally lives upstairs).  If you can’t make it out to his opening, you should go check it out in the near future. It’s up for a month, and his crisp, photo-like-paintings (often of signs) are really quite incredible:
Also happening Friday…

Saturday, October 13th

Sunday, October 14th


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