Central & Remote: October 5th-7th

A roundup of the best/weirdest things to do this weekend in Toronto…

Welcome back! I’m Lee-AnneYuli, the fantasticly creative founder of Central & Remote, has graciously allowed me to fill in for her while she takes a break to pursue other awesome things. Many of you will be spending time with families, and/or being thankful that you’re not. Try going for a walk if you normally bike, making a phone call if you normally text, or getting up early if you normally sleep the mornings away. Do something that will make you thankful for your regular routine when you go back to it… such as:

Friday October 5th

I am mostly putting this at the top of the list so that I can use this image of a shmancy stein that I took at the AGO tonight, but let’s be honest… sitting at crowded picnic tables drinking ungodly amounts of beer is pretty darn fun.

Also happening Friday…

ROM Discount Fridays 430-830 – Get cultured before you get wasted

 Saturday October 6th

Bed-venture Toronto – not what you think

Sunday October 7th


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