Central & Remote: September 28th – 30th

A round up of the best/weirdest things to do this weekend in Toronto…

First of all, welcome back! I’m Lee-Anne!

Yuli, the fantasticly creative founder of Central & Remote, has graciously allowed me to fill in for her while she takes a break to pursue other awesome things.  We, the Provocative Penguin community, have grown addicted to her collection of curated heads up for the upcoming weekends, so I apologize for not jumping in earlier.  I have a huge heart-on for our city, so I hope you’ll enjoy this Toronto exploration journey with me. I start on an easy weekend, when a good portion of us will either be prepping for, participating in, or avoiding Nuit Blanche, so expect more fun times recommendations in the coming weeks!

Friday September 28th


You may have seen some PBR references around the internets in the last few days, and surprisingly, it’s not about the beer that is likely to be consumed there.  Paper Bag Records is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary of being one of North America’s premier record labels.  They’re an indie-powerhouse that consistently produces and supports quality local and international artists.  The Great Hall, an art/music institution in and of itself, hosts the 3 day event.  The concert series supports MusiCounts, Canada’s music education charity, which is helping to keep music alive in schools across the country.

PBR10 says that tickets are still available at the door, but I’d be surprised if you could still weasel yourself in there. I’m actually getting this C & R done because I failed to score some pre-door tickets. It’s more likely an opportunity to hear about them on the twitterverse, and score the free David Bowie cover download that all the participating artists (Austra, Cuff The Duke, Born Ruffians, Woodhands, P.S. I Love You, etc) contributed to.


Also happening Friday…

Bollywood Dance on the Lakeshore (Learn to dance for free!)
Toronto Poetry Slam @ The Drake


Saturday September 29th

Nuit Blanche – Seriously? Just do it. Please. Even if you only check out one exhibit, just do some part of it, because it’s pretty incredible that large portions of our city get shut down so that we, as a collective, can experience art in all of the ways.  So, if we refuse to be cynical, and if we turn a blind eye to all the corporate consumerism, and we appreciate those companies that DO support the arts and we get caught up in the collective excitement of having our city turn into a giant adult, all night playground, we’ll all wake up on Sunday afternoon as better, slightly unhealthier beings.  Play safe. And thank the volunteers.
Also happening on Saturday:

Sunday September 2nd


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