PP Does NXNE 2012 – Saturday’s Picks

Yonge & Dundas Square

I generally try and avoid Times Square North during NXNE. Today however, given the great Radiohead (playing at Downsview) v. Flaming Lips showdown, I find it necessary to go see the festival’s top billing. Fortunately, today there are several draws to the outdoor stage. Art vs. Science, which Seamus recommended yesterday, is playing at 4pm, and after seeing them play last night I have to re-iterate his previous nod – they we’re awesome! A little later, Of Montreal performs (7pm), and with their notorious stage theatrics and eclectic lineup, this is a must-see as well. The Flaming Lips close out the night at 9pm. Otherwise you can always check Stub Hub for an overpriced last minute ticket to see Radiohead, no one will judge you.


The Elwins – The Gladstone Hotel Ballroom 9pm

If you can’t take the heat or the crowd and Yonge & Dundas, this band from Keswick is a great alternative to The Flaming Lips. I saw them play an acoustic set yesterday at Trinity Bellwoods and they played sweet, enjoyable pop tunes you can groove to. If you are a fan of moustaches, you will not be disappointed. You can tell these guys have a lot of fun writing their lyrics.


Gentlemen Husbands – Lee’s Palace 10:30pm

This is just good old fashioned rock and roll. Catchy with a healthy serving of twang, these guys exude the a perfect dose of rockstar energy on stage.


Limblifter – El Mocambo 12am

Remember the ‘90s? This show will help you re-capture your youth/30s, and re-discover a time when the world didn’t seem quite as fucked up and scary as it does now. The music is good too.


Rival Schools – Wrongbar 12am

This re-united New York band has a lot of heat. On and off for over a decade, these guys have played all over the world with a lot of great bands. Let’s just try not to think about the brief period Sam Siegler played percussion for Limp Bizkit.


Teen Tits Wild Wives – Sneaky Dee’s 1am

If you didn’t see them yesterday at Of a Kind, here’s your chance to check out the Toronto band with the scintillating name. Upbeat and energetic melodies, with horns… it’s always better with horns.


Meanwood – Rancho Relaxo @ 1am

This Toronto band has received a fair bit of attention on this site, and for good reason. They fucking rock. If you’ve seen them before (perhaps at last year’s Provocative Party), then you will surely want to see them again. If you haven’t seen them before, now’s your chance. These guys (and girl) take elements of country, soul, and rock ‘n roll and the results will force you onto your feet. Here’s a little video shot at Provocative Penguin headquarters.


RAW & HARD – Monarch Tavern @ 2am

There is more to NXNE than the music. Take a break from the beats and check out these comedians do their thing. Keep an eye out for The Dick Mime, you either love or despise him.



NXNE is our bitch-lover this year. There will be a new roundup and recap every day til Sunday. Stay tuned to Provocative Penguin for a brand of unrefined good taste you can’t get elsewhere.

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