PortmantOH!? – Contextation

Welcome to the third edition of our newest serial – PortmantOH!?

An exercise in collecting portmanteaus that may or may not already be prevalent in our currently ridicuwesome vernacular.

portmanteau: blend: a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings



text + conversation


G -chat /texting /email /FB messaging has become our main method for communication these days.  When you get advice, gossip, or  feedback from a friend, it may feel like you’re talking to them, but you’re not… you’re typing to them. You’re having a contextation.

There are some levels of text-based exchanges that feel more conversational than others, though, and it is within these that it would be appropriate to say ‘Hey! Thanks for lending an eyear,’ (ok, ok, I’ve portmanteau’d too far),  because it’s as if you can almost hear what they’re saying as you see the words appear on your screen. Many even prefer to have these kinds of contextations for intense topics, as it allows the time that is necessary to process what is being shared, without sharing the facial expressions that may or may not limit future sharing.

If you’re REALLY really close, maybe you’ll even do a combo of text-based chat AND video chat, so that NOTHING is lost. You can sit there, staring at each other in your pj’s while you drink your beer and type the words, smiling at each other as you make the kinds of retorts that can only be typed because you’d stutter if you spewed out your brilliant witticism (which, not surprisingly, is another portmanteau for witty + criticism… but it doesn’t get it’s own entry here).



  • What are we losing and gaining from having text-based conversations?
  • Is there any worry about archiving/privacy?
  • Has our increased use of seeing with our eyears led to incapacity for IRL intimacy and sharing? (I promise, this is the last you’ll see this word from me, but it’s not the end of contextation!)


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