Viral Video Viaduct – Save Picnicface Special

We’re hard-pressed for original broadcast comedic content in Canada. Unless you count Corner Gas as revolution in television, we haven’t really done much in the ways of progressive comedy since The Kids in the Hall… Or Due South, depending where you come from. Regardless, it should go without saying that when we have it, we should embrace well done, obscene, original humour.

While it may not be surprising, CTV doesn’t believe this. If the ratings aren’t there, there’s always the CBC. They’re adequately funded, right? Meaning, if there’s anything to be taken away from the tumultuous existence of Arrested Development, it’s that without instant success,  there’s no hope for a show to catch on. Such is the case with Picnicface. The most recent example of something that “could have gone somewhere” that is now going nowhere. That’s why we, at Provocative Penguin, with out reach of millions, would like to encourage you to help Save Picnicface.

Enjoy the laughs.

Girls On The Street

“I like my women like I like my scotch…”

Happy Anniversary

No, seriously.

Powerthirst 3: Powermost

It’s probable you saw the first one they did of these.

Women in Comedy

We have no idea how accurate this is, but it’s funny.

He Totally Jewed Me

Likely offensive… to most people.

Picnicface Writer’s Meeting

We want in.

Suicide Pact

What’s life about, anyway?

Picnicface in homeless. You can help.

You can.

Once again, you can help Save Picnicface right [here]

Caveat: takes no responsibility in the promise of laughs and/or legitimacy of these videos and their relation to Pinicface. Though, our research was strictly checked on Youtube.


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