PortmantOH!? – Anticidation

Welcome to the second edition of our newest serial – PortmantOH!?

An exercise in collecting portmanteaus that may or may not already be prevalent in our currently ridicuwesome vernacular.

portmanteau: blend: a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings 


anticipation + date


You know when you first start seeing someone and you tell yourself that you’ll try to space out the time between your dates, because you don’t want to become attached too quickly, or you don’t want to scare them off with your enthusiasm, and then you accidentally send them a text that sort of half-hints at wanting to see them again immediately, and you worry that they don’t want to see you as much as you want to see them, and then omigoodness they do! they do! and you see each other all of the time, in all of the ways, in all of the places, doing all of the things for weeks on end?

Then suddenly you emerge from that glorious bubble and you realize that you’re not giving yourself enough time to miss that someone, and seeing them becomes part of your routine, and it’s still really, really lovely, but there’s no burning desire to see that someone, because you’re always riding googly-eye-high off the last interaction?? Anticidation is the opposite of that… sort of.  It’s when you have a date that’s far enough in the future that you can experience eager yearning.


The point of anticidation is to prevent the inevitable anxiety and obsession that prevails during those awkward phases between ‘dating’, a realtionship and a relationship. Instead, it allows you to free your mind from the person until said date or encounter occurs. It’s incredibly hard to let yourself get to the point of anticidation when you enjoy someone’s company so much, but it encourages joviality/excitement and prevents stagnation/comfort.



  • How much time is necessary / optimal between anticidates?
  • Does that time decrease or increase as you’ve been dating someone longer?
  • Can this concept be applied to non-romantic friendships too?


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