Leave Your Phone at Home Day (LYP@HD) – April 14th, 2012

Go on a digital diet.

Parents won’t stop bugging you? Is your boss sending e-mails until 11pm every night with ridiculous demands? Tired of the non-stop, needy texts from your significant other(s)? You are not alone. Smartphones and other portable digital devices keep us more connected than ever before, but they also prevent us from truly escaping the demands of our daily family, work, and social lives. Wouldn’t it be nice to just unplug, if only for a day?

We propose you do just that! On April 14th, 2012, make your plans ahead of time then leave your phone at home. Read the newspaper in print, have an adventure in the park, enjoy an evening with your friends, and whoever else you might encounter. Rid yourself of distractions, interruptions and interact as we did just a few years ago. Be present in your conversations, and stop worrying about what you are missing… you aren’t missing anything.

The Provocative Penguin team will not only be endorsing and participating wholeheartedly, but you can also count on us to come up with some awesome plans for where these in-person connections can take place without distraction from the buzzes and beeps and blinks of your phone. Check in with the site as we explore our “cellular” relationships with pieces by various authors in the weeks building up to the day.

We encourage everyone, everywhere to really think about what their phones mean to them and experiment with disconnection from the digital world. Share your thoughts, writing, art and whatnot on the subject with those around you and perhaps we can change the way our culture over-uses technology in our very real and physical existence.

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To read our ongoing LYP@HD coverage [click here]

(Illustration by Malcolm Jamison)

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