Hump Day Trivia XV

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.”

– Oscar Wilde


 1. Hendrix was first introduced to the wah wah pedal by Frank Zappa.


2.  On the set of Psycho, Hitchcock would always refer to Anthony Perkins as “Master Bates.”


3. Butter tarts are a Canadian invention, and hardly known outside the country.


4. Lord Byron kept a tame bear while at Trinity College to spite their rules against pet dogs.


5. Hiram Walker & Sons, maker of of Canadian Club Whiskey, remains the only North American distillers to have been granted a Royal Warrant by the British monarchy.


6. The lowest note known to humankind is 57 octaves below middle C. It’s caused by a black hole in the Perseus galaxy.


7. Cinco de Mayo is primarily an American festival, and within Mexico is only really celebrated in the state of Puebla. It has no connection with Mexican independence, which is celebrated September 16, and is really just their version of St Paddy’s day.


8. The ingredient which makes Silly Putty awesome is named Polydimethylsiloxane, and can be found as a food additive in many fine dishes, including Chicken McNuggets.


9. The Louisiana Purchase included parts of the prairie provinces.


10. Because of a joke in another of this site’s serials – Forecast Realist Future — “Snooki nude” has become one of the highest search items bringing hits to this site.


11. Most of the world’s Francophones live in Africa.


12. A Victorian euphemism for prostitute was “Bride of the Multitude.”


13. Jesus is mentioned more often in the Koran than Muhammad.


14. At one time, Rockefeller accounted for 1.53% of the US economy.


15. Chuck Norris’s real name is Carlos. Carlos Norris.


16. JD Wetherspoon’s founder was… Tim Martin. JD Wetherspoon was in fact his teacher, who told him he’d never make it as a businessman.


17. Merilu Henner from ‘Taxi’ is one of 20 people who have Hyperthymesia. She can apparently recall details from every day of her life since she was 11.


18. The same cash register is used as a special effect in “Yellow Submarine” and “Money”.


19. Original bubblegum is pink because its inventor, Walter Diemer, only had pink food colouring on hand.


20. All of Mr. Roger’s sweaters were made by his mother.



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