Hump Day Trivia XIX

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”

– Ernest Hemingway

1.  The screenplay for the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice” was written by Roald Dahl.

2.  Lauren Bush, Sr’s granddaughter and Jr’s niece, married Ralph Lauren’s son and is now Lauren Lauren.

3.  According to David Fincher, there’s a Starbucks cup in every shot of Fight Club.

4.  It’s illegal to upload copyrighted content in Canada, but not to download it.

5.  Minute: The first division of an hour by sixty. I’ll let you guess how the second division got its name.

6.  In 1964, an abandoned lifeboat was discovered on uninhabited Bouvet Island, the most remote island on Earth,  2,525 km south-southwest of South Africa. Its origin has yet to be determined.

7.  IMAX bulbs are so highly pressurized that workers must wear protective armour to change them.

8.  Bill Murray was arrested for smuggling ten pounds of marijuana into Chicago’s O’Hare airport in 1970.

9.  R. v. Morgentaler, the Canadian supreme court case which found restricting access to abortion unconstitutional, used Roe v Wade – an American case – as precedent.

10.  The official motto of Tilsdale, Saskatchewan is “The Land of Rape and Honey”.

11.  A widespread misconception of the Rosa Parks story is that she refused to move to the designated “coloured section” at the back of the bus. In fact, she already was at the back, but the rule at the time was that if all the front seats were full, a white passenger could move to the back and displace a black one. When told to stand, she refused as she’d been working all day and was tired.

12.’s founder lost his girlfriend because she met a new dood on

13.  The Aryan Brotherhood are responsible for 21% of the murders in American prisons, despite making up less than 1% of the prison population.

14.  Dubai has virtually no underground sewage system. Instead, waste gets carried away by trucks.

15.  The claim that the Titanic had broken in half was highly controversial until the wreckage was found by Dr Robert Ballard.

16.  Francis Crick deduced that DNA was a double helix while on LSD.

17.  GPS satellites travelling 9,000 mph experience an “Earth second” 8 microseconds slower, because of the Special Theory of Relativity. Every GPS unit is programmed to adjust for this difference.

18.  If the largest known star – VY Canis Majoris – were our “sun” its surface would be further out than Saturn.

19.  Anthony Hopkins’s screen time in The Silence of the Lambs, all told, was 16 minutes. For this he won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

20.  Jon Stewart’s ratings have recently become higher than any Fox News show. Faith in America restored.



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