Hump Day Trivia XIV

“Wise men speak because they have something to say. Fools speak because they have to say something.”


(Can you think of a better quote to kick off a column devoted to trivia?)

1 – The scientific name for man-boobs is “Gynecomastia”.

2 – The modern-day custom of women shaving their arms and legs only began in the first half of the Twentieth Century as marketers jumped upon a novel way of selling razors.

3 - Bio-Dome was meant to be a sequel to Bill and Ted.

 4 – You lose a ton(ne) of water while you sleep – every time you exhale, for example. This is why your first urination is typically yellow, and most importantly it’s the major reason you feel tired if you oversleep, as grogginess is a symptom of dehydration. So keep a glass of water by your bedside!

5 – Twelve-year-old Nina Simone, at her first recital, refused to play until her parents were allowed to move to the front row (from which they had been removed for race white folks).

6 – The crew of The Wizard of Oz required a worn-out coat for their film so they went to a second-hand store. The purchased coat turned out to be previously owned by L. Frank Baum.

(Image from Peter Conrad
16 - Johnny Ramone was a hard-core Republican and considered Ronald Reagan the greatest president of his era.

8 – HIV infection can be prevented up to 72 hours after exposure. (No, this isn’t soft science. If you’ve arrived at this page through Googling, go to the doctor. “Natural medicine” is a scam.)

9 – The director or Eternal Sunset of the Spotless Mind – Michel Gondry – also directed Dave Chapelle’s Block Party.

10 – Elvis only played five shows outside the United States, all of them in Canada.

11 – India has far higher rates of child malnutrition than Sub-Saharan Africa and, according to most studies, far more people living in extreme poverty.

12 – You can CTRL+F almost any book you hold in your hands. Srsly. Just go to Google Books… most are only available as “previews”, but allow searches throughout the entire work.

13 – Life expectancy in Russia is lower than India and Iraq.

14 – 16 pennies in a line is a foot, and 16 pennies stacked is an inch. There’s your ratio fact for the week.

15 – Since nobody will insure Jackie Chan or his stunt team, he does it himself. “You hurt in my movie? I’ll take care of you my whole life. That’s my promise.”

17 – Mark Zuckerburg has red-green colourblindness, and for this reason made blue the primary colour of a little-known website he created.

18 – In the first Liberian Civil War there was a government general named Butt Naked, who received his appellation for only wearing sneakers and weapons. He claimed to have held regular conversations with Satan, and reportedly sacrificed and ate humans. Since the war he’s been a successful minister.

19 – According to the FBI, Saddam Hussein told an agent that he refused weapons inspections because he wanted the Iranians to believe he had weapons of mass destruction, so as not to appear weak.

20- The top 8 grossing films of 2011 were sequels. Oh dear.


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