Hump Day Trivia XIII

“Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

– Mark Twain…?

1 – Mark Twain never made the above quote. He said  “The report of my death is an exaggeration.” Apparently because of confusion between his near-dead cousin and himself. There were no premature obituaries, as the myth suggests. Good to get HDT’s mistake-of-the-week out of the way before we even begin, though. Let’s continue!

3 – When he was born, both of Bowie’s eyes were the same colour: he was punched in the face as a teenager, causing one of his pupils to become permanently dilated.

2 – The portobello is a mature white mushroom.

4 – Only one British Prime Minister has been born outside the UK: Bonar Law, from Rexton, New Brunswick.

5 – The lights you see when you press against your closed eyes are called “Phosphenes”.

6 – In 1675 a missionary in the Gaspé saw Mi’kmaq children writing mnemonic symbols on birchbark, and standardized it into a writing system which would be used for centuries. This was the birth of the first native writing system north of Mexico.

7 – In 1978 Kim Jong-Il had a South Korean director kidnapped so he could make a Godzilla rip-off.

8 – A study commissioned by Phillip Morris analyzing the cost benefits of smokers dying prematurely – for example $147 million saved by the Czech government in 1997 – produced such a backlash that employees are now forbidden from mentioning it.

9 – “The Earth is degenerating today. Bribery and corruption abound. Children no longer obey their parents, every man wants to write a book, and it is evident that the end of the world is fast approaching. “ – Written on an Assyrian tablet in approximately 2800 BCE.

10 – Alcohol in itself is not very fattening; the problem is that the body converts it to acetate, which takes precedence in the body’s metabolic system while it remains in the bloodstream.

11 – Like “snuck”, “on accident” is a new phenomenon. Elders say “by accident”. And apparently cringe when they hear us use the former.

12 - At the age of 25, MGM forced Jimmy Stewart to go to a brothel so moviegoers wouldn't think he was gay.

13 – Every May 20, Cambodia holds the National Day of Hatred.

14 – Just a reminder that the masks used by “Anonymous” are a symbol for Guy Fawkes, who was attempting to restore the Catholic monarchy in England. So, is the Vatican secretly funding that cesspit of the internet one rung below 9gag? Wake up, sheeple!

15 – The woman who sued McDonald’s over hot coffee actually nearly died from her injuries, losing 20% of her body weight while being treated for third degree burns. The 79-year-old was in a parked car’s passenger seat when she spilled it, and sought $20,000 for medical expenses and lost income. McDonald’s offered her $800. Only then did it go to court.

16 – The guy who came up with Kwanzaa went to jail for beating two black women with an extension cord and karate baton, putting a hot soldering iron in their mouths, hitting their heads with a toaster, putting one of their toes in a vice, and pouring detergent into their mouths and running a hose into it. This was BEFORE he invented the holiday, mind you.

17 – The second-fasted land animal – the Pronghorn – lives in North America. What predator caused it to evolve this way? The American cheetah, scientists believe.

18 – Bill Clinton received 3% in the 1992 Iowa Caucus.

19 – Named by many as the most realistic video game ever made, Desert Bus is a real-time Sega game where the players must drive a bus from Tuscon to Las Vegas, never going faster than 45mph. The bus veers to the right, so the buttons cannot be taped down, and if a player attempts a pee break (s)he will find a tow truck pulling the bus back to the starting line upon return, also in real time. After arriving at the end point 8 hours later, the player receives one point, with the option of making a return journey to Tuscon. The decision must be reached within 15 seconds or the game returns to the start menu.

20 – All British tanks have tea-making facilities on board. So all those times I’ve berated films for using that joke, well, the joke was on me.


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