Central & Remote: January 13th-15th

A round up of the best/weirdest things to do this weekend in Toronto…


Friday January 13th

Shafton Thomas Group at The Tranzac

First Friday the 13th of the Year at the Cadillac Lounge

Opening Reception for True Colours Group Abstract Art Show at Twist Gallery

Opening Reception: After The End at O’Born Contemporary

Fright Night at the Projection Booth

MUSI presents at the Horseshoe

Plastic Plates at Supermarket

Owl Eyes at Siesta Nouveaux

Cabaret at Hart House

DJs Splattermonkey and Skank Honto at No One Writes to the Colonel


Saturday January 14th

Static Zine is a print and online zine in the great cut & paste tradition. Published in photocopied monochromatic glory three times a year, and with a regularly updated website and Tumblr Static offers  a unique look at Toronto for locals and on-lookers. Issue #1 as published in time for North by North East this year. Issue #2 coincided with Canzine and Issue #3 is seeking contributors and will be out in time for Canadian Music Week.

The issues have each been accompanied by a mixtape, featuring Toronto bands of course, and this Saturday at Jang Bang Korean Taco Bar. The party is pay-what-you-can in true DIY fashion. Static contributor and guitar, vocals and thermin for The Ruby Spirit Alex Pulec will be DJ’ing a mix of of electro, surf, glam and rockabilly.

Bonus: go fill out this Madlib from the second issue.

Tycho with Beacons at Wrongbar

Bedlam All Girl Pillow Fight

Gold Soundz presents Craft Stock 4

Static Zine presents Electric Dream

Bitch Craft: Girls play Hip Hop at the Shop

True Stories, Made Up Plays at Black Swan Tavern

Canadian Premiere of Vahik Pirhamzei’s “I Don’t Need a Psychologist”

Destiny’s Child – A Beyoncé Baby Shower

Saturday Night in the Sand Beach Blast


Sunday January 15th

Table Top Puppet workshop

Ten Artist Showcase at the Central

Songs for a Winter’s Day at Gallery 345


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