Central & Remote: Jan 6th – 8th

A round up of the best/weirdest things to do this weekend in Toronto…

Friday January 6th

Abstract Index has been playing free jazz, improv, dub, funk electronic adventures on CIUT for the last ten years. The show will no longer be broadcasted on 89.5FM, it’s moving over to a podcast format. Not only is it an end of an era for Abstract Index as a show, it also signals the end of a 25 year long journey for desk jockey David Dacks at CIUT. To say farewell Dacks will be holding a party at the Henhouse (1532 Dundas St W) tonight.

Looking for a way to pay for that full sleeve tattoo you’ve got all mapped out? Or maybe you’d settle for simple portrait of  Rita Hayworth you’ve always wanted? Phat Buddha Tattoo will be at Hard Luck this Friday raffling off sessions.  And of course there will be music from the likes of CayM, Slyde, Laugh at the Fakes, Ravenscode, and Red Handed Denial.

Time Giant, Human Bodies, and S.U.D.S. at the Bovine – free, 9PM

Donlands and Mortimer, Triple Gangers, Moves, Vonelle at Parts & Labour

Toronto Strip Spelling Bee

Most People, Old English, Echo Echo  and ElektroTank  at the Silver Dollar

Take My Breathe Away: Land & Colour  exhibit at Julie M Gallery

The Crawford’s Soul Block Party


Saturday January 7th

While it’s sad to see the Naco gallery café close it’s heartwarming to know that Tapette, a French fag Saturday night dance party, lives on. This Saturday is the édition poulette as Tapette makes itself at home at Henhouse. Hosted by the ever graceful and fancy footed Philip Villeneuve.

It’s a new year and some people around town have decided it’s time to take a new approach to the whole art world schmooze process. Billed as “an art blog IRL” Spontaneous Art Show Surprise (SASS) was conceptualized, planned, created and ready to present within 14 days. Saturday night at the Rustic Owl (993 Bloor St W) all those artists, illustrators, designers, and crafts people will be present to share and talk with you about just what they came up with. Spontaneously. Drinks and a DJ will be on site for your enjoyment. For a full listing of those participating head here.

The Creepshow at the Opera House

Feast In The East IX (ft. Picastro, LOOM, Holiday Rambler + Julian Clare Westrott)

The Knocks at the Hoxton

Urban Preacher at the Mod Club

Motown Party at 751

Reality Bytes (90s Night) at Augusta House

High Noon Knife Fight, Different Skeletons, Evil Eyes, Humanzees at Rancho Relaxo


Sunday January 8th

WrestleCrisis 3D – A Pro Wrestling Tribute to Video Games

Pan-Canadian Feminist Potluck

Savvy Records 1st Anniversary Party at Tota

Sunday Scene with Jordan Tannahill at the Power Plant

Sunday Sessions Debut at Waterfalls Indian Tapas Bar & Grill

YouTube School: Session One at Academy of the Impossible



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