Central & Remote: December 23rd-25th

A round up of the best/weirdest things to do this weekend in Toronto


 Friday December 23rd

Prince’s fourth studio album, Controversy, was released 30 years ago. Obviously  that means Purplelectricty is throwing a party. After all, they have been putting on these parties for the last eight years. If you boast being the only reoccurring Prince themed video dance party in Canada for that long you probably know what you’re doing. Head down to Clinton’s (693 Bloor St W) for 10PM with your $5 cover.

Want to see some local bands and eat cake? Edgewater Hotel, Satelites (yes, spelled with only one “l”), and Maybe Refuge are playing at the Velvet Underground and they promise there will be cake. They take cake seriously. $5 gets you in, doors at 8:30PM.

Headstones at Sound Academy

Shabamzy at Hard Luck Bar

Old waves, new waves, soul, funk, disco, hip-hop at The Shop under Parts & Labour

Cookies and egg nog at the Auld Spot Pub

Cold Crystal at Cold Tea

Tiger Bar Bounce with DJ LUM (Liam from First Rate People)


Saturday December 24th

Toronto, you’re a strange and wonderful place sometimes. Where else would you be able to attended Salsa practice, fill up on a homemade turkey diner at a bar, and later dance the night away at something called the Matzoball Party (presented in part by two separate frozen yogurt companies) on Christmas Eve? Oh, and if you’re up for it there’s the Canadian Afghan indoor soccer tournament.


Sunday December 25th

I’ve only been in Toronto for six months, so someone is going to have the explain the tradition at Disgraceland that is known as “Christmas Day Night Sibling Drinking Festival”. That’s assuming there even is an explanation.

It’s Christmas Day! Why not go have dinner at an airport hotel? Or, head out to a Cuban-style dance party and get salsa lessons for $5? Better yet? Why not spend it with family (nuclear or urban, whatever family means to you), or volunteer at a soup kitchen…



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