Because we’d be liars if we said this wasn’t a great show…

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When I was younger I stayed up all night finishing my grade 5 American history assignment. It took my hours of cutting, pasting, typing and glitter glue but I had finally finished it 2 hours past my bedtime. My dog at the time, “Scrapples” was a chewer, and true to its nature, she chewed right through my scene of the pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock. “My dog ate my homework!” I professed to my teacher, but all she said in reply was “Mr. Rivera, you’ll get nowhere in life lying!”  I realize now, in my years growing up since that important lesson, that she in fact was wrong.

Hailing great reviews from theMontrealcomedy scene The “Liar, Liar Show” is a uniquely entertaining affair which you can’t miss out on, no word of a lie. Three ofToronto’s best and most creative fibbers gather together on stage to share their own stories with you, for three rounds of side splitting anecdotes that’ll have you questioning. “Did that really happen?” The catch: Some of those stories are in fact lies and it’s up to you, the audience to decide! Presented in a game show type interface, the performers square off to see who has the tallest tale, and who can boast the best poker face to try and fool us. Come and enjoy this wonderfully interactive performance that’ll leave you begging to be lied to.

– W.S.  Rivera

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